a guide to the favorite sites in antigua

Antigua in Caribbean is a sort of islet that could practically be considered as a place where there is something for everybody to enjoy. From someone who loves history to someone who loves sports, each of these events can be experienced during Antigua holidays.
And as with the other popular island in the Caribbean, Antigua also has its fair share of beautiful beaches. On the other hand, listed below are other things to do and why they are worth visiting while on vacation in the region.
1. Nelson’s Dockyard National Park
If you have decided to skip the beach and do something else, you can go to the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, a former English harbor. During the Napoleonic wars hundreds of years ago, this is where the British fleet dock. And from 1784 up to 1787, Lord Horatio Nelson had used the area as his headquarter too.
After discovering the harbor, you can have a taste of unique food in the caf├ęs and restaurants that lined the park. There is also the Dockyard Museum and a library where you will see lots of original manuscripts of the naval history of the Caribbean. You can continue your tour by exploring the nearby beach, marina, or better yet, go to Shirley heights.
The park is open everyday, from morning until evening. You can get in the park by paying the admission fee which also includes the tickets to the museum, Dow’s Hill, and Shirley Heights.
2. Shirley heights
From Nelson’s Dockyard, your next stop in your Antigua holiday must be the Shirley heights. However, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes since you need to hike to reach the top of Shirley Heights. Once on the peak, you will be amazed with the panoramic view of Antigua as well as the other nearby islands. The Montserrat volcano is also visible on this spot.
Moreover, owing to its fantastic views, this place is popular for weddings. There is also bar and a restaurant atop Shirley heights so, if the hike going up had made you thirsty and hungry, you can easily grab a bite or have a meal.
3. Betty’s hope
This is the very first sugar plantation to be built on the island. Its name was derived from the name of the daughter of one of its first landlords.